Jung: A Very Short Introduction


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ชื่อต้นฉบับ Jung: A Very Short Introduction
ผู้เขียน Anthony Stevens
ผู้แปล สายพิณ ศุพุทธมงคล
จำนวนหน้า 192 หน้า


This is the most lucid and timely introduction to the thought of Carl Gustav Jung available to date.

Though he was a prolific writer and an original thinker of vast erudition, Jung lacked a gift for clear exposition, and his ideas are less widely appreciated than they deserve to be. Now, in this extremely accessible introduction, Anthony Stevens one of Britain’s foremost Jungian analysts clearly explains the basic concepts of Jungian psychology: the collective unconscious, complex, archetype, shadow, persona, anima, animus, and the individualization of the Self. A small masterpiece of insight and concision, this volume offers a clear portrait of one of the twentieth century’s most important and controversial thinkers.

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